A 62km slackpack hiking holiday over 4 days/3 nights between Oyster Bay, St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis.

Huisklip Hike – 2 days/2 nights – 42 km

Arrival day

The Huisklip Hike covers the 42km shoreline (one way) between Klasies River and Oyster Bay over 2 days and 2 nights.  Accommodation for the first night is in the Oyster Kaya self catering flats in Oyster Bay, and at Kershoutlaagte in well equipped huts on night two.  We advise to stay for a third night, again at the Oyster Kayas.  This hike is not slackpacking, but portage is available.

Dollies on a ropeThe first day’s hiking needs to be planned around low tide, hence the pre-hike night spent in the Oyster Kayas.  We will arrange an early morning pick up time.

You will receive a map and description points for this hike.

Day 1 – 15km (up to 6 hours)

You will be transported to the drop off point in the Tsitsikamma where you start the hike on a farm road.  You will have an amazing view over the ocean before you start the descent to the shore line.

The pathway to the Klasies River mouth is narrow and right on the edge of a cliff, so not for the faint hearted, but worth every step.  Find the Kouga’s only Hole in the Wall, before you continue towards Druipkelder, the point you need to cross during low tide.

Huisklip areaFrom here the 7km beach of the Huisklip Nature Reserve leads to Huisklip (a cave once inhabited by the Khoi, hence the name “home rock”) and a further 45km will take you to Kershoutlaagte, where you stay in a well equipped hut for the night.

Day 2 – 24km (up to 7 hours)

Start early, as you don’t want to be rushed on this beautiful shoreline, where you can see how the vegetation changes from Tsitsikamma to Kouga.

Terns on the beachYou will use footpaths, jeep track, cross several beaches and rocky areas to see the remains of the Pres Reitz (1947) and the Meng Yaw (1989), prolific birdlife, tracks of the Cape Clawless Otter and bushbuck (chances are good to see the buck too) while the opportunity to see another human being is… quite slim!

You end the day’s hiking with 7km on the Oyster Bay beach, where you must find the footpath back to the Oyster Kayas.

A last night’s stay at the Oyster Kayas is recommended, as you can rather leave early the next morning to get to your next destination.

The Huisklip Hike is an ideal weekend break away.  Contact us for the rate, as it depends on the size of your group.